Adapt Middle East

Adapt Middle East - Qmatic certified partner

Adapt Middle East gets the status of a certified partner of Qmatic. This certification recognizes the commitment and dedication of Adapt and its relation with Qmatic. Qmatic is the inventor of Customer Flow Management and the world’s largest queue management company. Qmatic operates in 122 countries with 51,800 installations globally in the finance, retail, travel, healthcare and public sectors. It is not a surprise that an estimated 1.8 billion people pass through a Qmatic system each year.

Customer Flow Management solutions are critical to any business, whether you want to create order or take control of your current retail space or waiting areas, increase revenue and throughput while decrease costs, gain information and learn more about customers, or even strengthen your brand. Traditional queue management systems can help navigate traffic and customer flows within a single area. Qmatic offers a next generation CFM system that helps identify a customer by linking to the client’s existing database and sends vital information via online dashboards enabling executive category members to take decisions as and when situations arise.

Adapt Middle East has the knowledge and expertise to improve the customer experience while providing statistics necessary to improve productivity and operational efficiency. Adapt has an impressive client list in the United Arab Emirates supports these installations efficiently. Adapt has diverse experience in providing innovative products and solutions, and value-added services to the banking, healthcare, retail and public sectors of UAE.

Adapt demonstrated excellence in delivering Qmatic products and solutions to customers within the Emirates. By keeping a check on customer satisfaction with its best practices, tools and resources, Adapt is the most sought out Qmatic partner. The Managing Director of Adapt, Murli Nair says, “….